Issue 2 Cover

by Roxanne Patruznick

Blood & Tacos

Issue 2
June, 2012

Welcome back! CGP is very pleased to present another issue of blood and guts, mayhem and … tacos.

By now you’ve had a while to get to know what we’re all about, but if for some reason you missed that stage, feel free to click on the About link above to see where we’re going with all this.

In a nutshell though, Blood & Tacos hearkens back to a simpler time, when men were men, albinos were albinos, and mustaches were mustaches.

Within these virtual pages, we’ll bring you fiction, reviews, artwork, even a recipe or two, all centering around those halcyon days when most questions could be answered by a pistol-whipping.

Every issue of Blood & Tacos will live here, for free, for your reading enjoyment, and new issues will appear quarterly. As well, we’ll be offering the magazine on Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and all the usual ebook outlets for those of you who prefer to read on your kindles, pads, phones, and other devices, for the low, low 70’s price of $0.99 (or its equivalent worldwide).

Issue #2 will be coming to Amazon in the next several days, keep your eyes and bookmarks pointed to this spot to see when – in the meantime, all of the glory is right here for absolutely nada.

Issue #1 is now available on Amazon – other sites should be coming soon and will be listed here as they do so.

Dive into our current issue and enjoy stories by all those authors listed on the snazzy cover. Then visit those authors’ sites in our handy links section in the sidebar – oh and hey, if you love the artwork, (and how could you not?) visit the site of the extraordinarily talented Roxanne Patruznik, simply by clicking on the cover in the sidebar. Speaking of which, we at Blood & Tacos would like to specifically thank Roxanne, Michael Batty, and all the authors and reviewers for their efforts in helping us bring this ridiculously awesome business to life.

BUT WAIT! So you’ve been strolling around the net and have seen the cool T-shirt with the cover from Issue #1, and you’re saying to yourself, “Damn, how do I get one of those?”

Now you can! (Here’s the shirt in action, in case you haven’t seen it already.)

So here’s the scoop – the shirt is available in Men’s sizes S, M, L, & XL, and is 25 bucks for US customers, 35 bucks for elsewhere, with the extra 10 bucks for shipping, all apologies offered.

Please don’t forget to specify your size (Men’s S, M, L, & XL) and add your shipping address to the Paypal order form! (and please allow 3-5 weeks for shipping).

Click here for US orders

International folks with shirt envy click here

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